HTS-SQUIDを用いた計測システム HTS-SQUID’s systems

Summary: High-Tc superconducting devices (HTS-SQUID's) are one of the high sensitive magnetic sensors. In our group, a novel compact measurement system has been proposed and developed using HTS-SQUIDs.
  HTS-SQUID based measurement system for biological application using magnetic nano-particles
  Evaluation of solar cell using highly sensitive measurement system using HTS-SQUID


 磁気による非破壊検査 Non-destructive testing

Summary: Ultrasensitive non-desturictive testing system using magnetic sensors has been developed for infrastructures.
  Development of new magnetic inspection system and NDT of corrosion and cracking within and behind steel structures


 ガスセンサ,イオンセンサ Gas sensor and ion sensor

Summary: A hydrogen gas sensors for practical use have been developed.
  Hydrogen gas sensors using ultra thin film of platinum


 テラヘルツ計測システム Terahertz systems

Summary: A terahertz chemical microscope (TCM) has been proposed and developed. The TCM enables us to visualize the distributions of various chemical reactions of expecially bio-related materials in the solutions.We also have developed the terahertz time-domain spectrosopcy systems with fast-scanning delay lines for non-destructive evaluation of polymer films.
  Terahertz chemical microscopy for bio-materials
  Terahertz analysis of fuel cells
  Time-domain Terahertz spectroscopy with a fast delay scanner


 保有設備 Equipment in our lab.